Clive starts by asking clients three basic questions: 1. To whom does your organisation sell ? 2. What does your organisation sell ? 3. How does your organisation sell ? Answers facilitate a deconstruction of existing sales and marketing processes and help form stage one of a "Three Stage Approach

To Making

Business Acceleration Solutions Work In The Real World" ©. 

Experience You Can Trust

So, why should your organisation hire Clive Turner?

Here are some good reasons:


Clive serves clientele across a diverse range of sectors including FMCG, IT, Health and Beauty, Leisure, Sport, Digital-Imaging and Education. Moreover every client relationship is valued greatly.

Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of Clive's expertise in sales, marketing and business acceleration solutions.

     Clive Turner is a high-calibre Business Acceleration Specialist
who knows how to increase sales through effective marketing, sales management, technology and training. Clive Turner takes great pride in helping organisations - large or small - to prosper and grow in today's highly competitive markets and challenging economy.  

Businesses trust Clive Turner to plug gaps in their customer facing management functions, successfully drive demanding commercial assignments to fruition, provide strategic sales and marketing expertise "on - demand" and re-align commercial processes.

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, Clive Turner delivers truly powerful business acceleration solutions that focuses your organisations sales and marketing assets to profitably generate leads, retain customers and build brand appeal

Business Acceleration Specialist who knows how to increase sales


         Clive Turner


Business Acceleration Specialist Knows How To increase Sales