Clive Turner


BUSINESS acceleration specialist you can trust to HELP grow YOUR COMPANY

01. Leadership Experience You Can Trust to Deliver On-Demand

The  recruitment of senior level sales and marketing talent cannot be taken lightly, meaning that the hiring process is often lengthy as organisations assess candidates. So when deadlines need to be met prior to recruitment of a suitable candidate, your organisation can hire Clive Turner to head up a department or lead an assignment until the permanent talent is recruited.​

02. Add Expertise NOT Permanent Headcount

Similarly, if senior level sales and marketing expertise is only required for a certain length of time – perhaps to oversee a complex multi-channel route to market project, launch a new brand or to produce a series of high quality training videos – it makes little sense to add to your organisations permanent headcount.

03. Quickly Access Skills and Expertise

Taking Clive Turner on as an interim sales and marketing specialist may be a better way to fill the void in your organisations customer facing functions; allowing your organisation to quickly access the skills and expertise it requires, without the burden of a hefty permanent salary.​

Clive Turner can make a real impact at a fraction of the cost of quality full-time resource meaning that Clive pays for himself many times over by working for clients in a fast and flexible way sometimes as a part-time, sometimes as a full-time Sales and Marketing Director.


experience you can trust

good reasonS TO HIRE CLIVE

​​01. Unexpected Departure

Following an unexpected departure of a key employee –  Clive Turner can bridge the gap between their departure and a replacement being hired, thus alleviating pressure on the recruitment process.​

02. Stop-Gap Cover

As cover for illness/accident/parental leave – if a key manager is going to be out of your organisation for a set period of time but almost certain to return to their role in the future, Clive Turner can provide the cover.

03. During Periods of Structural Change, Merger, Acquisition and Turnaround

During periods of upheaval Clive Turner's presence as an independent high-caliber sales and marketing specialist with senior level experience across numerous sectors offers objectivity during a challenging period for staff, management and directors. 

Equally managers can sometimes be blindsided by concentrating too much on the day-to-day and fail to spot systemic problems. In these circumstances, Clive Turner is able to offer insight and solutions into how to break cycles of under performance such as introducing new systems and processes.

Clive Turner also ensures adherence to best practice, compliance to process as well as keeping things running smoothly during restructuring, relocation or deployment of new systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).​

Find out how your organisation can benefit from Clive Turner's business acceleration expertise, call him during office hours on 07889 416 382 to hear more about how to increase sales.

01. Gravitas and Drive

Clive Turner combines a rare capability to tailor business acceleration solutions across dissimilar sectors with the gravitas to drive demanding business transformation and change management projects to successful conclusions;

a rare skill set which positions Clive Turner above the crowd of less well qualified management consultants.

02. Pedigree and Expertise

Clive Turner has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible and cost-effective business acceleration solutions for clients.

Prior to his portfolio career as a business acceleration specialist, Clive Turner acquired a wealth of sales and marketing expertise operating at senior-level in blue-chip organisations across various trade sectors.   

Clive achieved early success with the likes of Pepsi-Cola, Black Tower and Coors Extra Gold and went on to excel at marketing multiple-leisure venues, premiership football clubs, photo-imaging as well as digital-media 

platforms, eCommerce sites, IT software and educational institutes.

Want To Know More? Then feel free to download Clive's CV:

Business Acceleration Specialist best time to hire

Business Acceleration Specialist Best Time To Hire