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Essentially, Clive Turner starts by asking clients three basic questions: 

To whom does your organisation sell ? 

What does your organisation sell ? 

How does your organisation sell ? 

The answers to these questions facilitates a deconstruction of current sales and marketing processes. In a nutshell, they help form stage one of Clive's 

" Three Stage Approach To Making Business Acceleration Solutions Work In The Real World "©.

Stage One: ANALYSIS. In-depth analysis to identify the key elements of the clients processes that are working, those that are not and those that require improvement or even automation using IT systems such as CRM.

Stage Two: PLANNING. Working hand-in-glove with the client, a road-map is agreed with a view to ensuring best practice across customer facing functions can be established, systemised and continually improved. As an independent specialist rather than an employee of a large marketing services agency, software house or even a CRM re-seller, Clive Turner makes available only the most appropriate cost-effective business acceleration solutions and suppliers required to make the plan work in the real world.

Stage Three: DELIVERY. Using commercial expertise gained at a senior level across many diverse sectors, Clive Turner assists the client to deliver the plan which normally includes a suite of Sales and Marketing Power Tools* designed to speed up and improve the quality of the sales and marketing process. 

Furthermore, Clive Turner is equipped to train, coach and motivate management and staff to adopt technology as well as improved ways of doing things across sales and marketing.

Training is the most essential part of Clive's "Three Stage Approach To Making Business Acceleration Solutions Work In The Real World" © because existing "culture and inertia" will always reverse new ways of doing things without appropriate adoption training.

Interested in hearing more? 

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Whether your organisation is looking for sales and marketing expertise on-demand, a new web site, advice about how to increase sales, an engaging social-media campaign, stop-gap cover, advice to get started, support going to the next level, corporate video, right sizing or negotiation skills training you can rest assured that Clive Turner is in a position to help.

Clive Turner is committed to providing you and your organisation with a suite of top notch business acceleration power tools, namely:

On-Line Marketing Collateral including web site design, social-media campaigns, email broadcasts, copy writing as well as publication of high-impact moving and still digital-imaging for relevant and arresting content for truly effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

​​Clive Turner is proud to be part of an innovative, dynamic community of sales and marketing professionals (freelancers, agencies, suppliers, consultants and interim's) offering organisations high-quality and cost-effective specialist support.​​

Clive Turner (and on occasions selected members of Clive's community) works alongside business owners, directors and senior managers as part of their "in-house" team dedicated to driving required change, delivering positive results and increasing profitability.

In this way, Clive Turner can make a real impact at a fraction of the cost of quality full-time resource meaning that Clive pays for himself many times over by working for clients in a flexible way (sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time Sales and Marketing Director). 

Clive always focuses upon return-on-investment (RIO) whilst maintaining a wider perspective which enables him to align commercial processes and collateral towards agreed objectives in a systematic and holistic manner.

Should circumstances require additional resource, Clive is able to call upon a wide community of tried and trusted 

"best of breed" professionals to collaborate on specific projects; thus ensuring quality and that clients pay only for what is required. 

A selection of Clive's Community of top sales and marketing suppliers, agencies and freelance professionals can be seen by clicking onto any of the linked buttons below:​

Traditional Marketing Collateral such as design and placement of advertisements in print based media, production of brochures, corporate and training videos from script to screen and exhibition design and production.

Training of Sales Teams, call center staff, account management and mentoring of key marketing personnel and departments.

Market Research including customer and competitor analysis, benchmarking and surveys.

Recommendation, selection, installation and adoption training of management and staff for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automated marketing systems

Business Acceleration Specialist Sales And Marketing Expertise On Demand